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Server information about solmu.cc.tut.fi

MOTD of solmu.cc.tut.fi

solmu.cc.tut.fi Message of the Day - 
29/12/2010 14:24
This   service   is   for   Finnish  users.   You  may  have
two  (2)  connections to the network. The hosts of all users
are  automatically  scanned  for  misconfigured   or  hacked
proxy software  to prevent  abuse  before allowing access.

For  more  information  visit:      http://www.tut.fi/irc

ADMIN-istrative information from solmu.cc.tut.fi

Administrative info about solmu.cc.tut.fi
Tampere Region Server "Solmu"
Universities, DNA Internet, Others
Co-Op Admins <irc@tut.fi>, but use /admin NICK

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